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tiny tiny

Channel 4

1 x 48 minute
Channel 4 / RDF Media

First Broadcast:
7th March, 2007

Producer / Director:
Kate Hampel

Series Producer:
Jo Haddock

Exec Producer:
Tayte Simpson


Julie Young, mother of three, is a committed Colchester Labour politician. Married to fellow Labour councillor Tim, Julie runs a tight ship where politics take top priority in family life.

Tina Griffiths, in Basingstoke, is a self-confessed domestic slave to her four children and partner Dean, a professional gambler who spends his life on the golf course. Unlike Julie, Tina she does not believe in politics or disciplining her children.

With the swap underway in Colchester Tina soon confronts some deep anxieties as she steps onto the political campaign trail. In Basingstoke, Julie attempts to build a friendship with Tina's troubled teenage son Gareth. It's a climactic ending as relations in both households take an unexpected turn.


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