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tiny tiny

Channel 5

1 x 48"
Channel 4 /
RDF Media

First Broadcast:
10th August, 2008

Producer, Director
Kate Hampel

Series Producer:
Ian Carre

Exec Producer:
Tayte Simpson


TV wine and food critic Jilly Goolden exchanges lives with Cynthia O'Neal, wife of 80's soul superstar Alexander O'Neal and there are tension, tempers and disagreements.

Nocturnal Alexander likes being waited on, rarely leaving his bedroom unless it's to make a star appearance.

Jilly slips into the supplicant role of the wife with lightening efficiency but soon tires of playing 2nd fiddle, and her new husband's explosive temper.

In the other household, Cynthia O Neal teaches Jilly's husband Paul, a buttoned up English gent, a few lessons in love.



"O’Neal likes his meals in bed and has tantrums if his dressing room is not kitted out to his satisfaction"

Critics Choice - The Times

"Wine expert Jilly Goolden and soul singing legend Alexander O’Neal make up one of the most unusual and eccentric pairings ever to appear on this program"
Sunday Fabulous Choices - The News of the World

‘They made an engagingly odd couple, his diva like temper tantrums spiked by Goolden’s stuff and nonsense attitude’
Last Night's TV - The Metro

Must See Television - The Daily Telegraph